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  • Moorland House, 3 Willow Tree Gardens
  • Eldwick Bingley BD16 3HN, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
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A Business Development Consultancy with a focus on building successful online strategies.

The internet has spawned a set of so-called self-proclaimed internet gurus over the last decade, some good some bad and can often lead to blind alleys leading to wasted money and time, this has caused me to set up a clear and concise path for a business’s digital marketing efforts.

When setting up a website, what are the best platforms to use? There are the platforms that are billed as free, but is free really free? What doesn’t cost you in money could end up costing you in time and lost sales so it isn’t really free, is it? Software systems can often be confusing and there is a huge learning curve, often leading to lost time.

A lot of small and local businesses struggle to understand the online world and how it can help their business with a few simple strategies and this is why we have set up this consultancy.

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    Philip Sinclair


    Why did you start this company?

    Technology changes at such a rapid pace and has done for the last twenty years. This has changed the way that we do business and indeed the way we run our lives from shopping to communication and socialising.

    The dot com crash in early 2000 made a lot of people sceptical but I believe that digital can become tangible when used correctly for business. As said previously the internet has spawned a set of so-called self-proclaimed internet gurus over the last decade, some good and some bad but this can often lead to blind alleys leading to wasted money and time.

    The internet is full of noise and confusion and it is my aim to cut through the hype and make it simple to understand, make it workable and stop the frustration. We are all in business to make money to make our lives better, simpler and more manageable.

    Digital transformation is possible, you can use the systems to better understand your customer, create insights and interaction. In short, you can make it real in a digital world.

    what makes your company different?

    We are different because we keep it simple. How?

    Strategic planning:

    We take the time to understand your goals and we do this so that we can get an insight of how you operate and want to grow your business and income, this will then give us an insight in terms of your branding.

    We then design and develop your web site by carefully defining your target market, we gain an understanding to what is working in your industry, then determine how we can apply this in meeting your client's needs.

    We then promote your site by using search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics, this can be done by use of content marketing, social media, video marketing and other media use.

    We engage your website and branding with the social media platforms that are relevant to your industry thus ensuring interaction with your customer. Your website can act as a platform for discussion, inspiration, and information for all.

    Then we go on to results measurement this will involve measuring your website your website's performance and is done by using varying methods such as google analytics and other efficient website monitoring tools. We would generally be measuring geographical location, demographics, bounce rates, website traffic and more importantly your conversion rate.

    And finally, fine tuning. Upon receiving the results measurements, we analyse your results measurements, we would then tweak your site and media tactics in order to improve your results. These could range from small things like changing the order of the website's menu items or changing the font sizes. Our goal is maximum profitability and conversion for you.