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  • Brian Gelfer
  • CEO
  • 1400 Technology Lane, Suite 1414
  • Petaluma, California, US
  • CATEGORY: Conversation Rate Optimization
  • NICHE: Service-based Businesses, B2B, Real Estate, Health Care
  • CITY: Petaluma, California
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We provide custom digital marketing and advertising solutions as well as complete marketing director level solutions for SMB’s. Consider all the aspects of your business to take your marketing performance to the next level. Our services are a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing hire plus you get the 80/20 RENEW advantage that will maximize your ROI.

We help you remove the clutter and under-performing aspects of your marketing, advertising and business processes and focus your messaging, marketing, creative and advertising around your core business drivers and strengths making it easy for your target audience and most desirable clients to respond.

Our 80/20 RENEW model combines 360-degree business analysis, coaching and consulting with an iterative growth marketing process that enables you to achieve maximum ROI and profitability through a comprehensive process of iterative improvement and optimization.

We build robust quality marketing solutions for SMB service-based businesses and B2B sectors. We operate across multiple niches including healthcare, real estate, service businesses, B2B, manufacturers and not for profits.

Our solutions cover the entire digital marketing, advertising and business building spectrum. We have relationships with best in class service providers, a broad spectrum of industry specialists and can build and manage a custom marketing and business building solution for your business.

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    Brian Gelfer


    Why did you start this company?

    Service Based Businesses, B2B, Real Estate, Health Care

    what makes your company different?

    My passion is helping entrepreneurs and SMB's position their business for growth. The internet is rapidly evolving. New technologies such as block chain are re-inventing how business is done on the internet. Keeping up with game changing developments in marketing is an immense task and most entrepreneurs are challenged with just keeping up with their specialty and managing their business.

    Businesses need to stay informed with unbiased advice and market research on the best and most cost-effective solutions for their development and growth.

    We fill the gap. SMB's who cannot afford a full time marketing director hire are attracted to the opportunity of having someone on their team with this expertise at a fraction of the cost, who can manage key elements of their marketing process and if needed, maintain a complete overview.

    There is no substitute for quality, creative and analysis when it comes to building a business and it's digital marketing and offline marketing footprint. We thrive in this space.