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  • Annette Washington-Goff
  • Executive Director/Digital Marketing Evangelist
  • 17200 116th Ave SE #58882
  • Renton, Washington, US
  • CATEGORY: Marketing Automation
  • NICHE: Health Care Industry, B2B, Food Industry
  • CITY: Renton, Washington
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At IYBS Local, we help unleash the power and advantages that digital marketing can bring to a business. Our clients need to increase their business sales- We help them Drive more leads, convert leads into sales, and optimize their ROI. We help accomplish goals through marketing automation, inbound marketing and hyper-personalized conversations with our clients’ leads and customers.

Our goal is to provide effective, measurable strategies that grow the business, bring new business, and maintain a healthy ROI.

IYBS Local Digital Marketing Consultancy Agency services are designed to get our clients the results they expect because we help them succeed using our custom audit system and a customized marketing blueprint which helps our clients set SMART goals for every digital marketing campaign.

Marketing our clients’ business online can increase the business sales, promote their business on a local level, and position our clients as the market leader in their industry.

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    Annette Washington-Goff

    Executive Director/Digital Marketing Evangelist

    Why did you start this company?

    IYBS Local was started in 2011. After working with several food business owners, I realized that many of them lacked basic knowledge about the opportunities that are available on the Internet to promote their business on a local level. Those who had the knowledge didn't know how to perform the tasks or did not want to do it themselves.

    I created IYBS Local (which means Increase Your Business Sales) to fill that void for many small business owners.

    what makes your company different?

    We think of ourselves as Digital marketing partners when we work with our clients. We start by learning about our clients, their business, and the goals or objectives they may have.

    Next, we look take a look at the current online and offline marketing strategies that the business owner already has in place. Together, we determine the best digital marketing strategies to implement in order to reach their objectives.

    We offer three strategies to help market a business online. We can provide the materials and the programs to allow them to do it themselves (DIY), We can work with our clients to help them implement the strategies (DWY: Do-it-with-you), or we can implement and maintain the marketing campaigns for the business owner (DFY: Done-for-you).

    We're different because we can offer our clients a choice in how they want to work with us. Most Digital Marketing Agencies don't do much hand-holding. We know we are different ( our clients tell us!) when it comes to how much time we take to understand our clients and make sure they know we are there every step of the way, no matter which strategy they choose.