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Gizoom Marketing & Consulting
  • Paul Conant
  • CEO
  • 1177 Post Road, LLA
  • Fairfield , CT, USA
  • NICHE: Dental, Small to Medium-sized Businesses
  • CITY: Fairfield, Connecticut
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Gizoom offers fulfillment for marketing as well as providing business help, business advice, business coaching and mentoring services to small and medium sized businesses. We have a passion for helping businesses like yours grow and become profitable, so you, the business owner can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

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    Paul Conant


    Why did you start this company?

    When I started my first business at 15 years, old people would always ask me how I did it and if I could help them with their business idea. In the beginning, the discussions would always start with their passion for what they do (Lawn care, Food, Health). Then once we established what they were going to bring to market, we would start with the message and branding. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that the real work was in the competencies of running that business. That is where they needed more help From there Gizoom was born! I establish Gizoom to help small to medium-sized businesses reach their full potential. Owners are usually too busy to see the problems that they face let alone try to fix them without a plan or outside help.

    what makes your company different?

    At Gizoom we just won't help you with marketing or design. We use proven methods to enhance and grow your business. We are a full business coaching company that provides solutions for our customers both online and offline. I want to ensure that together we discover resources and put them in place so that everything we do is visually compelling and able to drive the positive engagement you need for growth.