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  • Jonathan Young
  • Founder
  • 125 High Road East
  • Felixstowe, Suffolk, United Kingdom
  • CATEGORY: Reputation Marketing
  • NICHE: Local and regional businesses with annual sales up to £2m
  • CITY: Felixstowe, Suffolk
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We use consulting, automation tools and platforms to help small businesses and entrepreneurs (up to £2m annual turnover) grow their companies

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    Jonathan Young


    Why did you start this company?

    At the smaller end of the business spectrum we realised there was a serious lack of professional advice for the small business owner. Unlike most other web-design and marketing companies we don't just throw a lot of tools and services your way hoping you might pick a couple. That's for amateurs and a recipe for disaster for all involved.

    Instead we see building a business a bit like baking a cake. It's not good enough to just have the raw ingredients, you're also going to need the right tools and a proven recipe to follow if you want success.

    And with the right tools, introduced at the right time, to fit in with your strategy the chances of succeeding have increased greatly. The last thing we want for you is to end up with a sticky gooey mess.

    what makes your company different?

    We have our own proprietary tools and strategies to help grow small usinesses who have a lack of manpower or resources. We do this by way of automating as much of the day-to-day tasks.