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Coleman and Coleman Consultancy, LLC
  • Sean & Vaun Coleman
  • Co-founders
  • 1550 Larimer St. Suite #766 Denver Co, 80202
  • Denver, Colorado,  United States
  • CATEGORY: Marketing Funnels
  • NICHE: Solar Companies
  • CITY: Denver, Colorado
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As an integrated Marketing Management solutions firm, Coleman And Coleman Consultancy know the best ways to help your company grow its online presence.

Specifically, our mission is to help small and medium sized solar companies increase their brand awareness to obtain even more top-quality leads.. By tracking and measuring the effectiveness of each marketing campaign, we help solar companies get dramatic growth and boost their return on investment.


Coleman and Coleman use a creative mix of sales and marketing, blogging, social media, mobile marketing, new media marketing, video marketing, and affiliate marketing. Through the expertise of Sean and Vaun Coleman, your solar energy business can enjoy success through proven marketing techniques

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    Sean & Vaun Coleman


    Why did you start this company?

    Both brothers have had a rough childhood. With an absent, drug-addicted father, they were raised only by their mother and grand mother, along with three other children. As a way to help put food on the table for the family, Sean and Vaun started their first business at a very young age of 8.

    As life progressed, both Sean and Vaun established successful mail order and internet marketing businesses after completing four years of military service with honorable discharge, while also becoming successful real estate investor


    Though they are now far from the difficulties they had growing up, Sean and Vaun feel that their real mission is to give back to other children through the creation of community. That’s why they are intensely focused on growing local businesses. By helping local businesses grow their revenues, new jobs are created, thus causing the economic prosperity for the community. Working with solar energy companies allows us to further build a better future for those children.

    what makes your company different?

    Coleman And Coleman Consultancy, LLC is backed by a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Our aim is to help Solar Companies take their marketing to the next level: the digital landscape.

    We are a business and we know the many different challenges that running a marketing campaign may present. We face the same difficulties every day with our own business and those of our clients. Along the way, we have become masters at overcoming marketing obstacles and at implementing solutions that we can as easily share with and replicate for you. We subscribe to the business principle that you cannot improve what you cannot track. The foundation of our service lies in efficient and thorough analytics and reporting. We are a data-driven service in an information-saturated world, and this is why we are good at what we do.